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POPULATION REDISTRIBUTION essays Population redistributions based on ethnicity have defused intense rivalries in the recent past, and could be a solution to the internal ethnic crises for nations such as the former Yugoslavia. Currently described by the media as "ethnic cleansing", Population redistributions have been the focus of much controversy throughout U.S. and world history. To those affected, Population redistributions can be economically and emotionally devastating. It can also lead to enormous tragedies causing thousands of deaths when conducted in a brutal manner. The results of various population redistributions are examined throughout this paper with the focus on the Japanese Internment camps in the U.S. and the current crises in the former Yugoslavia. There are examples of population transfers that have taken place in the twentieth century. In 1923, Greece and Turkey signed the Treaty of Lausanne. The two rival nations agreed to expel 150,000 Greeks living in Turkey, and 388,000 Turks living in Greece back to their ethnic homelands. Except in Cyprus where the populations remained mixed. Turkey and Greece have not taken up arms against each other again. After World War II eight million people of German ethnicity were expelled from their native communities in Poland and throughout Eastern Europe, due to agreements made by the Allies at the Potsdam Conference. Hundreds of thousands of Germans died or were killed during the transfer due to the brutal manner in which it was carried out. Due to the lack of diversity and conflicting cultures the long-term results of the population transfer have ended internal ethnic problems in Poland since then. Israel expelled their own settlers from occupied land (which is currently the new Palestin ian nation) in order to bring about a lasting peace between the two former rivals. After bombing Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941, 120,000 Japanese and Japanese-Americans living in Oregon, Washington, California, and A...

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A Fair Lady

A polite woman suitable for Pygmalion is considering this possibility. It is a romantic comedy with no nudity, sex, kissing. In fact, there is no declaration of love. The closest female character to acknowledge her feeling is that she can dance with men all night; his closest thing is that he is accustomed to her face. Whether such a project can raise Matt in today's climate. Sure it is not - there is no studio that can lighten the movie brightly. Also there is no guarantee to add elements and add interest. Once upon a time, in a distant land, a fair woman planned to make an academic debate: her fair women colleagues published her future work of a fair female writer of the 18th century published by the University of Cambridge Press I talked about. A fair women colleague has been working on this version for the first time in six years, the first scholarly version of a female female writer's work. The movie My Lady Lady, which was produced for the 1956 stage and filmed in 1964, was bas ed on the play Pygmalion written by Irish writer George Bernard Shaw in 1913. My Lady Lady and Pygmalion shared a basic story that a poor flower girl Eliza Doolittle turned into a lady in the hands of a speech professor Henry Higgins, but they shared genre, tone, character shaping , Ending was different. . Xiao 's Pygmalion talks about the myth of Ovid. There, men fall in love with female statues. The goddess of love expresses compassion for this man and makes the statue vivid. My Lady Lady turns a wonderful weight drama into a relaxing, fun musical comedy. This genre change has lost some of the complex social analysis done in Pygmalion. For example, the portrait of Eliza's father, the show, was reduced to a comedy of my fair woman by solving the conflict reality in social injustice. My Fair Lady (1964) is a change in music due to the transformation of Eliza Doolittle from a flower girl to a good lady. My fair lady became a very successful movie. In 1964 he won twelve Oscar nominati ons and received eight Academy Awards. This is a comedy, but this movie has romance and broken heart. There are romantic songs such as I can dance all night and humorous songs such as I am just a normal man In the opening scene of my fair lady, Professor Henry Higgens Harrison) served as the leading role. Professor of phonologist Eliza Doolittle (Audrey Hepburn) is a low grade flower girl, a Colonel Pilking Indian dialect student. They are in the garden of the monastery. Professor Higgins asked Eliza of the flower girl to talk and start taking notes. Eliza felt this was dubious, she thought that she was in trouble. She opposed and told me he did not do anything bad, but the professor continued the notes.

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Specialist community public health nursing Essay

Specialist community public health nursing - Essay Example There is the need to confront numerous barriers and other potential risks in order to attain the best and most appropriate results in each scenario (Campbell, 2008). Thus, in this essay, there will be a critical examination of the two concepts: leadership and change management in order to identify how they intersect in the healthcare sector in a practical manner. Statement of Purpose.This essay gives an account of the theoretical and practical processes a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (SCPHN) in the development leadership potentials and competencies as a Health Visitor (HV) relating to a specific issue or case. This report will draw into experiences and activities that were encountered during service implementation relating to male-victim domestic violence. This will involve a discussion and analysis of the problem of domestic violence and how an SCPHN can assist in dealing with it through HV and other practical affairs and matters.The report will critique the leadership a nd management roles that exist in SCPHN and how they intersect with various concepts of leadership and change management in dealing with this practical problem or situation.In order to examine an important and significant element, the research will focus on an actual change that occurred in the health visit and this will provide the impetus for important analysis and evaluations of the theories of change management.

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Judicial Corruption in the US Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Judicial Corruption in the US - Research Paper Example A censor of the previous judge of the Michigan Supreme Court, Justice Betty Weaver, which was termed as â€Å"a formal censure without any adjudicative proceeding† (Zernik, 2011), for her role in criticizing the judiciary and calling for its reform is a true revelation that corruption has taken strong roots in the US judiciary. Justice Weaver has for long been an advocate of judicial reform in the USA, arguing that corruption has exacerbated to levels that are completely threatening to erode the credibility and confidence in the USA justice system (Zernik, 2011). The USA judicial system is now characterized by discrimination and prejudice, where the richer are favored at the expense of the poor, while the whites are treated different in the interpretation of the law, from the Blacks (Konzy, 2013). Needless to say, the corruption in the USA judiciary started as early as 1803, when the judiciary was barely 15 years old, as can be traced in the ruling of the Marbury vs Madison, i n which the District of Columbia ruled that Marbury as the plaintiff was entitled to his claimed commission, but the ruling further denied him the commission, on the basis that the court did not have jurisdiction to such cases, yet it had previously issued rulings in similar cases and circumstances (Kozy, 2013). It is such precedents that have now become the norm of the current USA judicial system, as can be traced in the recent rejection of an application by the USA Supreme Court, filed by over two million subscribers, seeking to have Comcast Corporation be charged for overcharging the subscribers for far too long, through unfairly eliminating competition (Konzy, 2013). The Supreme Court surprisingly rejected the proposed legal action against the company, on the grounds of technicality, notwithstanding the case entailed an injustice perpetrated against 2 million people. The incidences of corruption in the judiciary have significantly increased, and the system seems to be forming a cartel of judges and lawyers, who collude with wrongdoers to perpetrate these injustices (Zernik, 2011). No wonder that major companies have managed to apply taxation gimmicks to avoid taxation, and have placed the burden on the already suppressed tax payers. Causes of corruption in the USA Judiciary The causes of corruption in the judiciary is the established culture of reshuffles within the judiciary, where the office holders of different official capacities in the judiciary have remained there for long, and the only thing that effectively happens as a change is a reshuffle from one office to the her, creating a fertile ground through which such individuals continue to perpetrate corruption (Cruz, 2013). Further, the ability of the different parties in the judicial system to operate as a cartel has made the culture of corruption in the judiciary continue to breed, considering that the lawyers and the judges who have worked together for many years are now able to establish their ow n system of injustice, through which they can collude to deny victims their justice, while favoring those they feel are responsive to their needs and demands (Cruz, 2013). Finally, corruption in the USA Judiciary has arisen and continued to thrive, courtesy of an increasingly backtracking of the American Nationalism that was

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The Treason Trial of Aaron Burr :: essays research papers

In the months between and including May and September, in 1807, Aaron Burr was tried by the Supreme Court in Virginia on the count of treason against the United States. During the period of 1804 to 1807, Burr allegedly committed several overt acts, which are actions, that may be innocent in themselves, but in combination with the intentions and results of that act, become criminal actions. The trial was about treason, which the Constitution defines as â€Å"levying war against [the United States], or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid or comfort,â€Å" (Art. III, Sect. 3) and the prosecution must prove that Burr committed the overt act with the testimony of two witnesses, for the treason conviction to stand. In this trial, Burr’s actions outside of the state of Virginia have no bearing on the overt act of assembling troops to levy war against the United States, and therefore the majority of his admissible actions occurred on Blennerhasset’s Island in Virgi nia. (Doc 108) Although the prosecution made a strong case for Burr’s guilt, the differentiation between his intentions and his actions, his background as an American patriot and the lack of concrete evidence, one must conclude that Aaron Burr is not guilty of treason. He perhaps was even the victim of a larger governmental conspiracy to rid him of all prestige, honor and legacy.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The prosecution tried to prove that Burr used his power to assemble an army of men to conquer New Orleans, then Mexico and eventually found a new nation composed of the Western American states and Mexico. The fault in their argument is that his actions do not necessarily point directly towards this conclusion. It is true that Burr wrote letters and even discussed a new war with Spain and the formation of a new nation, but this does not constitute treason for â€Å"individuals may meet together and traitorously determine to make dispositions to bring forces into the field, and levy war against their country; this is a conspiracy, but not treason.† (Doc 108) Therefore, even if Burr intended to eventually enact his plan, the simple act of planning it does not constitute treason. But even the true intentions of Burr remain unclear, for he had recently purchased 400,000 acres of land in the Western states and perhaps he assembled these men to settle it. (Doc 33) His actions of enlisting men, arming them and supplying them does not constitute treason because the overt act remains innocent without confirmation of intent to harm the United States.

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Workplace Discrimination Against Women

Workplace discrimination happens when a worker is subjected to unfavorable or unfair treatment based on nationality, caste, religion, gender and race. This means that discrimination against women at the workplace is gender based. It is inclusive of the workers who suffer retaliation due to their refusal to accept work place discrimination. The federal law is against workplace discrimination is all areas i. e. recruitment, training, promotion, demotion and disciplinary actions. The laws that protect people against unfair treatment do so based on the protected characteristics rather than the personality or the performance of the worker.Discrimination can therefore end up being subjective to a large extent and this means that what one person may consider discriminatory, another person might not (Bartos & Wehr, 2002). Forms of workplace discrimination against women Women have a right not to be discriminated against in the workplace as dictated by the international laws. However, the real ity on the ground is that people do not necessarily comply with the law and this means that women are still discriminated against. They are discriminated against in several ways. One, they lack access to the labor market.Studies claim that the rate of unemployment is higher among women compared to men (Gilliland, Steiner & Skarlicki, 2007). It also indicates that women have a lower participation in labor force when compared to men. There are also more women working at part time jobs than men although this might not be their choice. They further indicate that compared to men, there are more women who work for jobs they are overqualified. Statistics continue to show that among the discouraged workers i. e. the unemployed people who have stopped looking for jobs due to the unavailability of work, there are more women than men.These people are usually shut out of employment due to cultural, social, structural barriers or basically discrimination (Chirwa, 1999). Secondly, there is a big wage gap between employed men and women doing the same kind of work. Women get 15-30% less for work of same value done by men. Studies show that women are not safeguarded by higher educational achievements especially where high positions count. In several countries, the more educated a woman is, the bigger the wage gap (Gilliland, Steiner & Skarlicki, 2007). Despite the fact that women live longer than men, in a lifetime, they earn less.This makes them to be less advantaged when it comes to conditions for pension insurance. They also get lesser pensions on retirement. This kind of discrimination is global affecting even the first world nations despite the existence of laws protecting women against discrimination. Thirdly, we have the issue of glass ceiling. This is the practice where women are least considered when promotions are being done. Most companies have 90% and above of men in their executive positions and the same kind of percentage of women in the lowest positions. In most cases, the higher a post is, the lesser the chance of a woman occupying it.This is irrespective of the educational level of the woman. In fact, women who manage to be at the executive positions are usually an exception to the rule. Even in the companies which are female dominated, you still find more men in the executive positions (Gregory, 2003). The major reasons for such problems are as a result of discrimination against women. The society makes women to compensate or pay a gender penalty as mothers. Most employers do not want to handle the hassles which come with motherhood and therefore, they solve the problem by employing more men than women.However, studies indicate that employers incur an increased cost of 1% or less of gross income of women workers when they hire a woman than when they employ a man. Other than the economic reasons, women are also discriminated against as a result of misguided preconceptions and stereotyping about women’s abilities and roles, leaders hip style and commitment (Landrine & Klonoff, 1997). Sociological perspectives Workplace discrimination against women can be looked at through three sociological perspectives.The first perspective of functionalism which is built upon two emphases: a) use of similarity between society and individuals and b) applying scientific methods to the social world. The first emphasis on the society’s unity makes functionalists to hypothesize about people’s needs which have to be met in order for a social system to be there. It also makes them to consider the ways through which those needs are met by social institutions. The similarity between individuals and society is focused on the homeostatic features of social systems i. e. social systems are there to maintain balance when it is disturbed by external shocks.This is basically achieved through socializing society members to certain common norms and values which enable consensus to be achieved. In the cases where socialization i s not fully sufficient to achieve so, some social control mechanisms are used to either reinstate conformity or isolate the people who can not be conventional from the society. These include gossip, sneering and sanctions (Gilliland, Steiner & Skarlicki, 2007). The second emphasis asserts that the social world can be studied just like a physical world. Functionalists view social world as real and as one which can be observed through interviews and social surveys.It also assumes that the values of the investigator’s do not have to interfere with search for laws which govern social system’s behavior. This perspective tries to show that people’s behavior is usually molded by the forces in the society. Individuals are treated as puppets whose behavior is as a result of the internalized expectations and the social structure of where they were brought up or live. In relation to workplace discrimination against women, functionalists would argue that men discriminate ag ainst women because that is the way the society is (Landrine & Klonoff, 1997).Conventionally, women were treated as home makers and children bearers and men as the bread winners. Although the world has evolved and women have become educated, the society still feels that men should provide and women should take care of their families. Working and earning are only seen as additional benefits of women in the society but they have to fulfill their roles as mothers and homemakers. It is not a wonder then when men do not find women competitive enough to handle the roles which men have always thought that they are theirs. At the same time, men may not feel that women should get better positions in a men’s world.The issue of maternity leaves and sick offs for pregnant women make men view them as incompetent. This explains why men are against women climbing up the ladder. Functionalists claim that is the way the social structure dictates (Chirwa, 1999). The second perspective is symbo lic interactionism. This is a sociological perspective about the society and self which was founded by pragmatists. It dictates that people’s lives are lived in the symbolic field. People derive symbols from social objects which have shared meanings which they create and maintain during social interactions.Symbols usually give provision to the ways through which reality is constructed through communication and language. Reality then becomes product of the society and people’s culture, society, minds and self are based on such symbols. These are the ones which determine human conduct (Gilliland, Steiner & Skarlicki, 2007). In relation to workplace discrimination against women, the society has created symbols which guide its thinking regarding how things should operate. For example, the society looks at men as leaders, heroes, heads and people who show others the way forward.The symbol that the society has created regarding women is that of submission, weakness and peopl e who follow instructions which have already been made by men. When a woman becomes a leader, she goes against the symbols that the society has already established. This is expressed in almost all aspects of life. In movies, the heroes are always men and when we have women, they are created as people who can not make decisions. On the other hand, men who are led by women are seen as weak. This can therefore explain why men do not want to give women leadership positions because that is a symbol of weakness.When women are subjected to this kind of life, they also accept their position as followers and the ones in leadership positions are seen as exceptions to the symbols in a society (Gregory, 2003). Finally, we have the conflict theory as the third perspective of looking at discrimination against women at the workplace. This theory argues that individuals and social classes or groups in a society have different quantities of resources, both non-material and material and that the grou ps which have more usually make use of their power to take advantage of the ones with less power.Its believed that the people in power make use of it in order to keep their favorable positions. They use it to keep the less powerful from gaining as this would only jeopardize their position. This can then explain why women are discriminated against at the workplace. Men have had power for a long time which they gained from the favorable position that the society places them in. However, women have catch up and they also have power in terms of money and education and this threatens the men’s position in the society.Men in leadership use their power to act as barriers towards women’s progression because they do not want them taking their favorable positions. When women are discriminated against in terms of less payments and lack of career advancement, they lose their leverage to gain the power which is to the advantage of men (Bartos & Wehr, 2002). Conclusion Discriminatio n against women makes them to be offered employment which is not gratifying. They get jobs which may not allow career advancement, jobs paying less and work which is precarious.They are also subjected to mobbing, bullying, sexual and moral harassment as well as unfriendly corporate culture. All these contribute to lower labor force participation among women which translates to economic loss in terms of higher social security and unemployment benefits, reduced tax income and lowered economic growth. This means that if men could appreciate the changes in the world and embrace the idea of career women who have equal opportunities as men, this would not only promote sound economic goals but also, it would improve social cohesion in America.

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Credit Card Fraud Should Be A Federal Offense - 1120 Words

Abstract Credit card fraud is a federal offense and can get an offender up to 20 years in prison depending on the severity of the situation. Should it be a federal offense? Credit card fraud is becoming more and more relevant especially in the United States , matter of fact it increased by 16% in 2016 alone. This is a serious problem in today s society. The hypothesis that s being examined in this paper is that credit card fraud should be a federal offense. This has become a relevant topic due to the increased number of teens becoming â€Å"scammers† (credit card fraud offenders). The methods that will be used to address the topic are credit card statistics, graphs, and data charts. The key findings of this paper is that 47% of the†¦show more content†¦There are many more flaws in magnetic strip transactions than imprinted numbers. ‘’Founded in 1994 the EMV referred to Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, who together provided better card security.’’ (www.thebreif.com) Currently credit card fraud has been at an all time high in the years 2016 and 2017. This activity has skyrocketed since young teens and young adults have the idea of targeting adults and senior citizens, and using someone s information to buy whatever the scammer desires. â€Å"The U.S. is responsible for 47% of the world’s fraud despite only accounting for 24% of total worldwide card volume.’’ (www.nasdaq.com) Credit card fraud has been a big problem, although through new security implementations such as chips and pin systems, the level of security associated with cards has improved. In the future credit card fraud may come to a stop, or at least slow down significantly. With this new security being implemented and new legislation laws credit card offenders may finally be brought to justice. Problem Statement Allen 5 Credit card fraud has become more and more popular in the last two years. Some people make money off of selling cards and other people social security number. There are many vendors that let people use more than one card if the first card declines, if the card declines period the vendor is supposed to confiscate it or followShow MoreRelatedEssay on Identity Theft895 Words   |  4 Pagesways in which your identity is stolen and ways which you can safeguard yourself from being victimized. I will also report what the Department of Justice is doing and the penalties associated with these crimes. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Identity fraud is use of a persons name, social security number or other personal identifying information. Once armed with this information the thief can open accounts and rack up huge debts for goods and services. These criminals also open up various accounts rangingRead MoreIdentity Theft and Fraud: A Major Threat to the Australian Community1442 Words   |  6 PagesIdentity theft/fraud is becoming a major threat to the Australian community as technology advances. This section of crime produces substantial profits for offenders and causes considerable financial and emotions harm to the victims (Australian federal police, 2014). With this increasing alarm around identity theft/fraud in Australia, there has to be strong legal actions available to counteract the issue. Identity theft/fraud can be defined as a crime of obtaining the personal or financial informationRead MoreMemo of Points and Authorities Essay1973 Words   |  8 Pages________________________ ____________ United States of America Case No. CR-00897 Plaintiffs, v. Melyssa Baylor Plaintiffs’ Memorandum of Points and Authorities in Support of Complaint for Charge of Accessory after the fact in the crime of Credit Card Fraud Defendant, ____________________________________ Table of Contents Table of Authorities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Statement of Facts . . . . . . Read MorePlan for Suspect Interview Pe Essay1288 Words   |  6 Pagesenvironment we prescreened the risk factors for officer safety greatly diminish. However, Gavoni can feel uncomfortable and decline to interview. Gavoni can call in sick or decide to skip work on 00-00-00. 6. Statutes Under Investigation:  § 1029. Fraud and related activity in connection with access  ¬devices (a) Whoever (1) knowingly and with intent to defraud produces, uses, or traffics in one or more counterfeit access devices; (2) knowingly and with intent to defraud traffics in or usesRead MoreIdentity Theft Or Identity Fraud1707 Words   |  7 PagesThe evolution of technology has enabled criminals a new form of prey. This problem is known as identity theft or identity fraud. The development and growth of the world wide web and personal computers being have made everyday things easier for everyone, but have also made it easier for criminals to gain access to information needed to steel someone’s identity. This is a crime which cost people thousands of dollars and countless hours of time spent to regain their losses and the damages done by havingRead MoreThe Anti Phishing Act Of 2005 Sponsored1310 Words   |  6 Pagesfraudulently obtaining personal information. This essentially focuses on criminalizing two actions: [ref: http://definitions.uslegal.com/p/phishing/ ]: 1. Establishing and creating web sites with the intent to gather information from victims to be used for fraud or identity theft 2. The creation or soliciting of e-mail that represents itself as a legitimate business with similar intent Different strategies used to deceive victims for phishing scams. One of the most common popular strategies is to send emailsRead MoreUniversity Xyz, Phishing, And Legal Aspects1463 Words   |  6 Pageslocated in Massachusetts, where there is no direct single state law on anti-phishing. It is important to understand legal phishing definition, and laws applicable if University XYZ faces any phishing attack. In this section, apart from explaining federal statute and related punishment for phishing attack, details are given on government agencies that University XYZ can approach for phishing attack investigation. In legal terms, phishing is an attempt to acquire personal information by masqueradingRead MoreWhite Collar Crime: The Effects and Punishments5087 Words   |  21 Pagesfor a living. Sutherland developed a theory to try and fit this type of criminal. The theory is differential association. There are four different pieces of evidence to understand the theory. White collar crime ranges from Embezzlement to Mortgage Fraud. This paper will explain several incidents which are involved with white collar crime and how it hurts many individuals from families to businesses. The sentencing guidelines help convict criminals. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act helped add on top of the sentencingRead MoreThe Issue Of Protection Is Needed For The World Today1464 Words   |  6 Pagesthe shampoo was a fraud and they will like a refund. The advertisement of merchandise as part of a plan or scheme not to sell the item or service so advertised or not to sell the same at the advertised price is an unlawful prac tice and a violation of the act to which the Consumer Fraud Act is a supplement (West, 2013, p.3). According to the New Jersey law, â€Å"the consumer fraud is an act that use or employment by any person of any unconscionable commercial practice, deception, fraud, false pretense,Read MoreInternet Fraud: an Overview of Classifications, Government Actions, and Consumer Protection3671 Words   |  15 PagesInternet Fraud: An Overview of Classifications, Government Actions, and Consumer Protection December 14, 2006 Internet Fraud: An Overview of Classifications, Governmental Actions, and Consumer Protection Internet fraud is an increasing threat to our technological society, which thrives on the advances and benefits of the Internet and e-commerce. With the increased growth and dependence of the Internet, creative individuals have found ways of conveying fraudulent schemes as legitimate goods